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Historical patent drawings
Thomas Edison, US patent for the "Phonograph" patent. Ryan Schwier · historical patent drawings
Patent Drawing for a Flying Machine, 04/15/1913 - 04/15/1913
1830: Submarine explorer Tight Suit, Patent Application, National Archives, Patent Drawing,
Examples of Patent Drawings 1904 - 2017
File:Patent Drawing for a Flying Machine, 10-05-1869 - 10-05-1869.jpg
Thomas Edison's Patent Application for the Light Bulb
John Ruggles Traction Wheels Patent Drawing
Drawing of Hat to Prevent Drowning, 10/14/1840 - 10/14/1840
Three Patents, Three Inventors
Simple Christmas tree candle clip, can be used two ways, as shown in the patent drawing. From our collection of historic Christmas Tree Candle Holder ...
Creeping Baby Doll Patent Drawing, de Robert J. Clay.
Patent drawing of Hans Gosch's road drag factory, Morrison County Historical Society collections, #
This Is the Patent for the Device That Made Elevators a Lot Less Dangerous
Official Thomas Edison Ticker Tape US Patent Art Print- Stock Broker Trader 238 in Collectibles, Historical Memorabilia, Inventors & Geniuses | eBay
Patent drawing: Traction Wheels [by] J. Ruggles
Best images about historical patent drawings jpg 415x511 Public domain patent drawings
beer art, Patent Drawing, painted using beer, technical, patent drawing, on tap, historical, pub art
From U.S. Patent No. 232804, titled “Stylographic Pen.”
Drawing from Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil's patent for a “Secret Communication System"
20+ Free Vintage Printable Blueprints and Diagrams | Remodelaholic.com #printables #blueprint
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Drawing 1 of Gatling Gun, 05/09/1865 - 05/09/1865
Historical Firearms on Twitter: "Patent drawings are one of my fave resources, aestheticly they also look great! It's hard to believe how old some still ...
Some of the best patent drawings ever created.
ENGLISH PATENT DRAWINGS. Specifications of patent drawings taken out in England in the 1820s and
Example image of a patent drawing:
1877 U.S. Patent Office fire
reformer patent drawings (1)
History of washing machines up to 1800
The Beautiful Lost Art of Patent Drawings
Unveiling the geography of historical patents in the United States from 1836 to 1975 | Scientific Data
Read this if you want to patent your invention
How to Make Patent Drawings: Lester Henry Fulmer: 9781113007957: Amazon.com: Books
Alexander Graham Bell s Telephone Patent Drawing Record Group 241 Records of the Patent and Trademark Office National Archives and Records Administration ...
An early-1900s patent shows an artificial Christmas tree or feather tree with candles and holders. From our collection of historic Christmas Tree Candle ...
Patent and Place: Intellectual Property and Site-Specificity by Richard L. Hindle / Forty-Five / A Journal of Outside Research
And incidentally, you will have to admit that patents and their drawings, are some of the most beautiful historical documents on record!
Lincoln patent drawings for patent No. 6,469
Some of the best patent drawings ever created.
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Artwork from an 1889 patents shows a device invented by Reuben
Shaded drawings with size dimensions for plans of "Tents used in Civil War."
first gas pump
1896 Folding bicycle patent drawing (US 569354 A). Inventor M. B. RYAN.
Abraham Lincoln's patent, May 22, 1849, page 3.
The mechanical device was designed to raise the hat above the head in polite salutation when
Patent Pending Blog - Patents and the History of Technology
How to get patent data - 04
First Women Inventors
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Walter Hunt sewing machine. Drawings from Walter Hunt's sewing machine patent ...
The one millionth patent was granted on August 8th, 1911 after being filed in 1910, and it starts the first millionth patent series.
Gordon patent 1850
Gibson Les Paul Patent Drawing Art Print
Hendry Injection Moulding Machine
File:Drawing for a Kinetographic Camera, 08-31-1897 - 08-31-1897.jpg
4a: Wallace K. Harrison et al., “Model of an Architectural Unit” (U.S. Des. 107,425), a patent limiting replication of the form of the Trylon and Perisphere ...
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The ...
Vacuum Tube Drawing - Vintage Patent Prints, Art and Posters. This is an authentic historical patent for a vacuum tube from 1929. Chalk, blueprint.
gallery photo ...
1970 Triumph Motorcycle Patent
Black History Month - African American Patent Holders - A
Guide for Preparation of Patent Drawings (Illustrated): Instructions for the Creative Inventor (
“I've been doing patent drawings since 2011 [and] I started doing them when I noticed journalists reporting on what companies like Apple and Google we're ...
Lewis Howard Latimer was a member of Thomas Edison's research team and later became the head draftsman for General Electric. This patent, issued in 1882, ...
Pick any 4 Patents Prints for One Low Price – Patent Art, Patent Drawing, Patent Poster, Blueprints, Wall Decor
John Deere Tractor Patent Drawing From 1934 - Vintage Art Print
Dollmaking was becoming ...
Part of James Crooks' Accentuation Patent - US Patent Office, December 1900.
Google Patent Advanced Search Screen
A drawing of Charles F. Kettering's automobile engine self-starter
Patent Office in 1855 after it was rebuilt. (Source: Cliff - Flickr:
Ermal Fraze continued to improve on his original "pull-top" invention. This illustration is of the "can end with folded pull tab" patented in 1969.
Patent applications for new instruments—or for improvements to already existing ones—usually involve one or more technical drawings.
The book cover includes a drawing from Herman Schulse's illuminated, electrically driven globe, patented in 1934. It also notes that the book is in the ...
sawmilling history,circular gang saws
tub and interior
martha jones-patent
A draughtsman drawing a portrait, Albrecht Dürer, 1532. E.44-1894
gallery photo ...
Part of George Kelly's Wind Motor Patent - US Patent Office, February 1887.
Pay for Amphibian vehicles historical & modern - Technical drawings
The most important invention in the history of the modern city
Toshiba's 1989 patent drawing for a microchip controlled vacuum brewer with built-in coffee mill
Political Quixotism shewing the consequences of sleeping in patent magic spectacles The diplomatic Hercules, attacking the poitical hydra / / from a very ...